For Registrars Sitting the FRACS Exams

Preparing for the FRACS Part II exams can be quite a challenge.

I remembered the few months before the exams, how tiring it was. One had to not only study the exams in one's own time; one has also one's registrar job to focus on(doing operations, booking lists and doing oncalls!) In addition, there were the group study sessions and tutorials to attend.

This page is dedicated to all the partners/spouses and children of registrars who have to put up with them spending time away from them because of the need to prepare for this one final hurdle! I know many relationships that have been strained as a result of the stressful life of being a surgeon including training to be one. It is always hard to find the right work-life-family balance. 

Downloads :
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1. General Surgery Vivae May 2005 (32kb)

2. General Surgery 2005 exams (466kb)

3. General Surgery FRACS Part II Past Exams (2.56mb)

4) FRACS OSCE recalls

5) FRACS Multiple Choice Question Bank Anatomy Pathology Physiology

For Registrars applying for SET

If getting out(final exams) is hard ,getting in is also not easy. These days there are some many candidates competing for a limited number of posts. 
I don't have any role at the College in setting the questions for the interviews - but I have thought up some of these questions based on what I have read before and from what some of my registrars have told me. I hope that this can help some of you get into SET.
SET Interview tips 1 Questions to think over
SET Interview tips Preparation