Applying For SET


  1. Reread you CV
  2. Go through the RACS college website eg competencies – visualize what you have done and what characteristics you have the fullfill those criteria to a level that is Proficient(Look up training standards)
  3. Rehearse statements/answers
  4. Plan tough answers
  5. Borrow and read books about interviews eg Interview Success, Job Interviews
  6. Rehearse how you will SOUND with a friend or practice in front of the mirror – how you speak is as important as what you say



What to wear – wear what most consultants would wear in their rooms

Grooming – Make sure hair is neat and tidy

Be early



Look interviewer in the eye from time to time – I know in some culture it is considered rude but this must be overcomed(perhaps pretend you are looking at the glabella!)

Smile genuinely

Look relaxed but interested

Be polite

Avoid fidgeting

LISTEN to the question accurately

Observe the interviewer too for nonverbal ques  - if they are ticking away on the score sheet, then it is probably good! If they are shaking their head or frowning – that would suggest they are not agreeing with what you have to say

Mirroring techniques may be useful

 Make sure you say it slowly and clearly  - ie don’t talk too fast esp if you have an accent that is different to the interviewer.

Keep your answer as short as possible but cover the relevant points. Pause occasionally.