About MelbourneSurgery.com

MelbourneSurgery.com was started as a website in 2006 by Dr LP Cheah to provide information to his students (medical students and doctors taking the AMC exams) and to provide information to his patients.

Our hope is to educate and spread information to the public as well as to medical students. We also hope the information here can help doctors trained overseas taking the AMC exams.

The MelbourneSurgery.com vision and mission is to:

1. Provide information about surgeons from different surgical specialties in Melbourne and regional Victoria with participating surgeons and doctors. Professionals from different surgical specialties are carefully screened and invited to join the MelbourneSurgery.com.

2. Provide professional information to patients about their surgical conditions and the various types of surgery or surgical procedures related to their health conditions. This website also acts as an educational resource for the general readers. Such written information is mostly produced and reviewed by Dr LP Cheah or participating surgeons.

3. Provide medical students and doctors sitting for the AMC and FRACS exams with useful learning material and exam tips. Dr LP Cheah, being an honorary lecturer/fellow at the University of Melbourne, wishes to help not only his patients but to also educate medical students through his experience and knowledge across medicine. With his willingness to produce the educational material, we require a platform to share these important materials. It is in his opinion, that such educational materials is best distributed through this website and therefore the website requires newer enhancements as more information is being produced (a surgical photo gallery and medical atlas is being developed at the moment to complement the current available resources).

Patients & readers, please read our disclaimer before reading further. Further background information: As a medical student, Dr LP Cheah used to produce his own handwritten notes on various topics. This was widely photocopied by students in the years after him. As he taught more students, photocopying became tedious (and a waste of paper) - hence he decided to gradually put his teaching materials online. Also with the change of the Melbourne Uni curriculum, he also found that his students had less time for his own tutorials and even ward learning (As a Lecturer, he was required to go teach the PBL topics of a particular module and there was limited time to teach outside the curriculum).