1. Referral Form to see Dr LP Cheah

2. John Fawkner Private Hospital Admission Pack

Alternatively - the forms for John Fawkner Private Hospital can be submitted directly online via this link (please copy and paste) :

3. Western Private Hospital (1) Admission Booklet

 Western Private Hospital (2) Admission Forms

Forms can also be found here (please copy and paste):

You can email back to the hospital at

4. Mitcham Private Hospital Admission Pack

5. Echuca Hospital Admission Pack

6. Sunshine Private Hospital Admission Pack

7. Western Gastroenterology - Latest Covid testing & isolation rules from 1 Oct 2022

 Note: Please download the admission pack for the hospital where you have been booked into. Fill in the forms and mail it back to the hospital directly.

The hospital will usually get in contact with you just a few days before the surgery. 

Eg for John Fawkner Private Hospital - the admissions coordinator will usually ring on Friday evening or Saturday morning. If you have not heard back by Saturday evening, please ring the nurse coordinator on 9385 2516

For Echuca hospital - the Medical Consulting Suites will ring to book in an appointment with the anaesthetist before the surgery.

Unless told otherwise by Dr LP Cheah, please fast for 6 hours before your surgery time. You can have plain water to drink up to 2 hours before the surgery at John Fawkner Pvt Hospital, Mitcham Pvt Hospital and Western Private Hospital.  For Western Gastroenterology and Echuca, you can only have plain water up to 4 hours before the surgery.