RECALL 186 10 Feb 2014


1. HSP

2. Septic workup for 14 month child (book Case)

3. 8 yr child with decresed school performance


4. Contraception choice for breast feeding mother

5. 9 weeks Pregnancy with rubella contact

16. Routine Usg showing pacenta previa grade 4 of a 34 weeks primi, no physical problem


6. Physical examination of a person who have lower back pain radiating to rt leg n thigh, pain started following lifting a heavy object

7. Physical Examination of Respiratory system and abdomen of a patient who Just had motor vicle accident, positive finding: he had pain in Left lower chest and Left upper quandrant of abdomen

Med & surgery:

8. Gord

9. 25 yr old, fresh Rectal bleeding (1st degree haemorroids), Father had colon cancer at the age of 47

10. Community acquired pneumonia

11. Stable angina, discuss lifestyle factors

12. Stroke patient already admitted, now councel the spouse

13. Post op atelactasis (book case)


14. Somatoform chest pain (maybe panic attack/ anxiety disorder)

15. Acute psychosis, counsel the parents (except drug history )

1- 10 weeks pregnant woman had contact with child with Rubella. She does not know whether or not had Rubella or immunization. You're a GP

Explain condition and counsell patient. It was a book case

2- Picture showing back of child's thighs and buttock with Purpuric rash after a viral URTI.

(A case of Henoch- Schonlein purpura.) Book case.

Talk to mother about condition and management. You're in the ED

3- Middle age man with chest pain after exertion which subsides after resting. Take a history, give probable diagnosis/es and resons.

You're a GP.

According to someone, there was a hist of maelena. I said angina due to aterosclerosis and DD could be valvular failure, arrithmias, etc.

4- Young man had MVA injured left side. Perform Ph Ex in ED. Talk to patient. Chest and upper abdomen examination.

I forgot to do DRSABC, although I thought about it before going in.

Diagnosis: Rib fracture, Splen rupture, kidney rupture,...

5- Young man in GP setting CO chest pain. Take a Hist. Diagnosis, management.

It was a case of GOR.

6- In rural GP setting, child with fever and lethargy . It was  Sepsis ( Book case).

Take a hist, management

7- Contraception in Breastfeeding woman. She did not want any other method but Hormones.

8- SOB day after surgery cholecystectomy in a woman with Chronic bronchitis. Also CO pain in the right shoulder.

(Book case).

I knew there was sub-frenic collection as well, but again I forgot to talk about it.

9- ED. Patient with back pain after heavy lifting.  Perform PE.

Book case.

Again I forgot to make patient to walk, walk in toes, heal, squat .  Bloody hell..!!!!!!!!

10- Mother in GP setting, complains that her little 10 YO girl is not the same for the past 3 months.

Child not performing well in scholl, not happy, not active as before. Everything normal.

When asked about home, mother started to cry and say the husband is drinking too much because business is not going well, has abused her physically.

I said I need to se child ASAP and refer you all to Social and child protective services.

A case of child abuse?

11- 3 months after giving birth, young woman has palpitations.

ECG and all blood tests normal.

Talk to patient.

-I think it was a case of post-partum anxiety, adjustment disorder???

12- Young student with Hist of drug abuse and failed exams, presents with acute psychosis. Pat asked not to disclose drug abuse to father.

Talk to father.

13- Young man CO sudden SOB.

Nothing in history, but physic exam had fever and crackles in the right lower lung field and chest X ray shows large opacity in mid field and lower lung.

After that pat admitted have had flu 1 week before.

Case of pneumonia.

14- PR bleeding in young fem.

Take a Hist. and management.

Nothing specific, just take a full hist and advise.

15- Old man had stroke. Talk to wife in ED.

Explained what stroke means and how is management for treatment and follow up for recovery.

16- Rural GP setting.Woman living 300 Km from major hospital US shows grade 4 Placenta previa.

In history, no complicacions.

=Advised her need cesarean , no place for normal delivery.