1. 27 year old MVA trapped in vehicle pain in Left Lower chest and Left upper abdo. Primary and seconday survey done. FAST scan showed free fluid in the left upper quadrant. Called to review patient as he has worsening pain. BP 110/70 PULSE 100

TASK: 1. do examination of chest and abdomen

            2. Give a list of the possible diagnosis and plan to the patient

2. 32 yo male his dad recently had an MI. He has been experiencing some central chest and epigastric pain at night when in bed. He is concerned this may be the same as his dad's condition.

TASK: 1. Take a further history

            2. Explain probable diagnosis

3. 18yo (very long stem) psychotic in your practice. You convinced him for admission but now his father is here to find out what is going. He has given permission to talk to the dad but DO NOT DISCLOSE HIS DRUG ABUSE.

TASK: 1. Discuss with dad the diagnosis

            2. Discuss plan while in hospital

            3. Answer dad's questions.

4. 47 yo man comes back to your GP for blood results. Long stem. Elevated GGT and pernicious anaemia. Also mildly raised BP and BMI 27.

TASK: 1. Explain blood results

            2. Inquire further regsrding his drinking pattern

            3. Offer managment plan

5. 25 yo female married presents with one week worsening right lower abdominal pain.

TASK: 1. Take further history and ask examiner for examination findings

            2.  explain possible diagnosis and arrange further investigation (no result will be given to you)

6. 70 yo man with no past history presents to GP with a pain in his right calf.

TASK: 1. Take a further history

            2. Explain diagnosis and further investigation to patient.

7. 8 yo girl has had decreased performance at school as reported by teachers over the last 6 months. Mother has come to GP for help.

TASK: 1. Take further history

            2. Discuss diagnosis and management with mother

8. 62yo in ED (4HRS from city) ecg confirmed an anterior MI (ecg given outside the room no diagnosis) his wifemis anxious and wants to talk to you. Very long stem describing someone whomis having an AMI

TASK: 1. explain ECG to wife

            2. Ask a history from her if required

            3. Discuss immediate and management