1st March 2014 (Resit- Melbourne- Recalls)


2.Alcohol counselling

3.Paed- Slow school progress, family and home problems (+).

4.PE- MVA-  P’ S’ Survey  was ok, now complaint of Lt. lower chest n upper abdomen pain.

5.Drug  induced Psychosis- Mx. Talk to the father who doesn’t know about drug abuse by his son.  Later, refuse admission by pt, what will u do?

6.Rural hospital setting. ECG reading. Pt. came in with Chest pain. Explain to the wife about immediate Mx & further Mx.

7.OG- RIF pain, 7 wk amenorrhoea, DDx.

8.Peripheral Vascular Disease- Pt. came in with intermittent claudication, ABI (not available), Burger’s (not available), smoking history(+).