22nd Feb 2014 Brisbane cases

  1. PE- CVS , travel advice, H.o of murmur. Exclude LL and Abd exam. Dx & Advice.

  2. PE- LL with Purpuric rash(picture provided). H.o of Res Tract Inf 10 days ago. PE, Dx & DDx.

  3. OG- AROU 12 hours, no vesicles. Mass in POD. Ut. 12 weeks’ size. H.o, P.e, Dx, Mx.

  4. OG- Infertility, 27. Infrequent sexual contact, once a week.

  5. OG- Fetal dead. G3P2, 32 weeks. Abd. Pain +, no USG result, FHS -.

  6. Paed- Bee Sting, Anaphylactic shock, give instruction to Nurse. Vitals- stridor, BP-60/40, PR- increased. Dx, Immediate & Further Mx. Dose Card given and manage accordingly.

  7. Pead- Developmental delay in unimmunized child- 9 mths, can sit with support. Moderate Hypertonia.

  8. Paed- irritable baby, infantile colic?

  9. 2’ CT Liver – breaking bad new, source of primary.

  10. Bookcase- GORD, Reflux, heart burn, H.pylori (-), Hiatus Hernia +, Biopsy- Ulcerative oesophagitis.

  11. Migraine- almost every month attack. CT scan- Normal. Not related to any. H.o, Acute & preventive Mx.

  12. PICA- ask for P.e. slurred speech? Dx, d/dx

  13. Side Effect of Antipsychotic Med- Dizziness & relapse of Schizo.

  14. Depression- school performance reduced, no drug abuse, behaviour change. Mood, appetite, sleep- decresed. Parent divorced. H/o, dx and Mx

  15. Hydrocoele- tranlumillable (+) , Dx and Mx

  16. Haematuria- 22yr, 1 day of sore throat, dark urine colour. H.o, Ivx, Dx, DDx.