1.Medical ward  , 38 yo female , post op fever 38.6 , cholecystectomy 24hr before. past history of bronchitis, heavy smoker.

   task > focusd history/ physical exam/investigation/DDx/Mx

             most likey atelectasis

2. ED, 3yo boy, cough , respiratory infection history last week.

   task> Physical exam/Mx/future Mx plan

             most likely croup

3. GP ,8yo boy , fecal soiling

   task> Hx/PEx/Mx

             most likely encoporesis

4 GP , 8yo boy , URTI history recently. multiple bruises, fever

   task> Hx/PEx/Mx

             most lilely Leukemia

5.GP , 28yo  primi pregnant woman, 8wks  antenatal counselling, stem> FBC -anemia

    task> Hx/Investigation/Mx

             most likely IDA

6.GP, 32yo pregnancy, reduced fetal movement

    task> Hx/PEx/Mx

             reduced fetal movement

7.GP 55yo postmenopausal bleeding


    task> Hx/PEx/Mx

              DDx required

8.ED , 21 yo lady, transferred with drug overdose . taken mom's sleeping pill , v/s stable and alert.

    task> Hx/MSE/risk assessment

             most likely personality disorder ( narcissistic/histrionic )

9.ED  23yo uni student , has to go to London to meet prime minister.

     task> Hx/MSE/DDx

              most likely mania/hypomania

10. GP 21yo uni student , Rt knee pain

      task>PEx/ DDx

              most likely chondromalacia

11. GP 45yo male heavy drinker , abnormal LFT

       task> PEx of chronic liver disease/ counselling

12. ED 52yo male , chronic kidney disease. hypertension , OA , recently increased the dose of ACEI, and has taken NSAIDS

      confusion, nausea , vomiting

     task> Hx/PEx/Mx

      most likely ARF and  hyperkalemia

13.hospital outpatient clinic , 42yo  male , acute chest pain and come to ED but ECG, FBE ,cardiac enzyme, U/E LFT all normal

    task> Hx>next Mx and counselling

14. GP, 38yo female, hoarseness

     task> Hx/PEx>Mx

     not definitive Dx. has to focus on DDx

15. GP, 52yo female, chronic cough

     task> Hx/PEx/Mx

    not definitive Dx. has to focus on DDx

16. GP, 38yo female, violinist in orchestra, her mom has been diagnosed with RA and on prednisolone, back compression Fx      a few months ago, colleague has organised ANA,RF,FBC and positive RF & ANA.

came to discuss the results

    task> explain the results and Mx

    Dx > RA counselling